No more chasing after your contracts !

From their automatic generation to the electronic signature, via a fully digitised administrative follow-up: save time and energy!


With the Contracts premium option...

Your declarations of employment are sent to the right organism the day before the mission begins.

Systematically sent on time by us, you will no longer have to worry about them.

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Your contracts are automatically generated, according to your facility's remuneration grid.

As soon as a mission is attributed to a professional, Hublo generates the contract according to your remuneration's grid: all you have to do is to print it out, or sign it electronically. This option is flexible enough to allow for a pay per shift, or a pay per month. You can also merge several contracts as part of multi-replacements.


Your administrative follow-up is simplified, and your information flow is streamlined.

No more omissions, errors of attention or lost information. The status of each contract is accessible at a glance from your dashboard. Healthcare executives, Human Resources, Care Management... everyone can find the information they are interested in, in complete autonomy.

contrat hublo module

Your contracts are signed in 1 click by each parties.

No paper, no delays, no distracting round trips to your offices... Your contracts are now signed on time, thanks to automatic reminders. This also makes life easier for your temporary carers, which makes you more attractive to their eyes!

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176 facilities have tried & approved it

We earn about 1h per replacement: from the search for the candidate to the edition of variable payroll elements, via the automatic edition of fixed-term employment contracts.


Gabriel, Director

Nursing Home 'Sainte-Marie'