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Managing replacements and recruitments has become a structural challenge for health and social care facilities, due to the rise of absenteeism and a temporary increase in activity. Before Hublo, existing tools on the market were inefficient and time consuming. Now, every health care facility can use a simple yet efficient digital solution that suits their needs.
Care homes
In order to guarantee the continuity of care as well as its quality, and to improve our staff's working conditions, we decided to equip the Brest's hospital with the Hublo solution! Everything is done in a few clicks now. 

Alain, General Care Coordinator

Brest-Carhaix University Hospital Facility

After seeing how much time was saved and how easy it was for temporary contractors to use Hublo, our employees themselves asked us to integrate it to handle the extra hours. 

Laurie, HR Manager

Bénigne-Joly Clinic

Hublo's expertise and high quality support enabled an extremely rapid deployment. It only took a few days for the solution to be fully operational.

Brigitte, General Care Coordinator

Sud Seine et Marne Hospital Facility

I've had 2 last-minutes absences tonight, and I managed to get candidates for both missions I posted on Hublo.


Sens Hospital Facility

The solution and how it works

The solution is designed for an optimal management of your replacement staff network, and a more precise activity steering.


A 100% online & intuitive platform for directors, managers and health care professionals.


An online chat accessible directly on the platform, a trustworthy telephone support as well as advisers dedicated to customer relations in order to meet your expectations.


Dashboards with key indicators: from the management of your replacement means to their follow-up.

Integration with your tools

Automated data transfer to your own time management and HRM tools.

Build your replacement staff network

Manage your replacement staff network easily. Identify all the qualified and available people who are willing to carry out replacements. Only the replacement staff that you invite or who enter your institution's code will be able to join your network, once you validated their request.

Post a shift offer in 30sec

Create a new shift offer in just a few clicks! It will then be automatically sent out to the relevant profiles in your network.

Your replacement staff apply

Replacement staff who have received a mission offer can apply for it directly from their phone. Before you select the right applicant, take a look at all the professionals who have applied as well, and their quota of working hours.

The Hublo adventure

The last 18 months have shown that unplanned absences and staff management difficulties have become a major issue for healthcare facilities. Today, healthcare professionals lack simple and efficient HR tools. Recruitment, replacements, remuneration… managing staff is time-consuming and stressful. Our mission at Hublo is to create digital tools that make the daily life of healthcare professionals easier, so that they can focus on their own mission: take care of patients.

The market leader solution for replacement staff management in health care facilities