An intuitive and powerful solution

Stop wasting your time on the phone. Find competent replacement staff in just a few clicks.

A 3-steps solution

Step 1: Invite your staff to join your network

Confirm their integration to your network, and manage the skills listed by each.

Step 2: Post your replacement need in case of an absence

Fill in and publish your mission's offer in 30 seconds. Using its matching algorithm, Hublo instantaneously alerts every competent and available health care professional across your network.

Step 3: Assign the job to the most relevant candidate

Select the best profile among the candidates, based on your criteria: service of origin, legal constraints related to working time, skills, etc.

Hublo , also means...

Contracts generation

Your fixed-term as well as your per-hour contracts will be automatically generated, according to your facility's structure. The DPAE is instantaneously filed with URSSAF.

Shared network

If your facility forms a cluster or belongs to one, you can create a communal replacement staff network. This will increase your chances of finding competent and available professionals easily.


A dashboard combined to monthly reports will help you steer your replacement means, and the absenteeism as well.

The leading replacement staff management solution for health care facilities