It's never been easier to launch a Crisis Plan

Manage your crisis unit from a simple and ergonomic platform, and communicate quickly and easily with your staff! By allowing you to have your staff's contact details up to date and centralised on the platform, Hublo makes your crisis management easier.

For immediate mobilisation of your network and precise management of your communication

Step 1 - Add your staff's mailing list, safely

In a few seconds, import a file containing your staff database onto our secure server. In addition to those automatically created (e.g. by profession), you can form the distribution groups of your choice, according to your needs.

Step 2 - Notify your staff of a crisis situation

Prepare your alert messages in a few seconds, then select the relevant broadcast group(s). Continue to communicate with the people alerted throughout the white plan.

Step 3 - Manage the crisis in real time

Monitor the progress of the mobilisation from your dashboard, and communicate the necessary adjustments in due course. Once the crisis is over, you can use our statistical review to adjust your communication strategy.

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Trusted by over 1600 health care institutions

The texting communication made it possible to democratise information: from the chef to the nurse in intensive care, each agent was able to receive the same level of information. 

Brigitte, Director of Care

Mont de Marsan Hospital Center